6 reasons why you should buy a second-hand phone from CompAsia _CompAsia Singapore

Buying a second-hand device is often associated with risk. This is because you’d often be dealing with sellers from who knows where and where they’ll disappear to. It’s also human nature to anticipate the worst case scenario, for example, you’ll be thinking:, ‘why so cheap one? This phone surely got problem, or confirm stolen’. 

Over the past 3 years, we at CompAsia have been trying to eliminate that stigma. As an establishment that is here to stay, we strive to ensure customer satisfaction long after purchasing from us.

Still on the fence? Here are 6 reasons why you should buy a second-hand phone from us.

You save money

One major reason why you’re considering a second-hand phone is likely because of cost. Brand new phones are getting more and more expensive and undoubtedly depreciate in value the moment you unbox it.

With second-hand phones, you automatically know you’re getting a better deal as you’ll be paying a lot less for the same experience of those who’ve paid full price for a similar device.

No one will notice 

We are pretty meticulous about what devices go up for sale in our store. Excellent grade devices are often as-good-as-new, while the flaws in our Fair graded devices are so insignificant that people sometimes mistake them for Excellent grade devices.

Because of this, you never have to Pai Seh when people ask if your phone is second-hand. Even if it is, so what?! What is wrong with getting an awesome phone at a fraction of what your judgy friends paid for to get theirs?

You’re taken care of

Ever worry about sellers who go missing and become uncontactable after buying from them? That is never the case when you buy from us. We’ve got a very responsive and  accommodating customer care team to take care of you before and after purchase. The devices we sell also come with a warranty that can be extended for up to 2 years!

You can afford a better phone

Let’s say you set a budget of $600 for a phone. Instead of buying a brand-new mid-range phone, you can buy a second-hand flagship iPhone 12 from our store. These days tech companies like Apple and Samsung design phones that are meant to last longer, many of which outlast mid-range devices in the long run.

More variety

Second-hand devices that are consistently high in quality can be hard to find. Among small retailers, stocks are limited, while online marketplaces do not set clear grading standards. This could mean that your 9/10 phone may actually be 6/10 in reality. 

While we offer a wide range of brands and models, we are sure to keep consistent in our grading, as well as ensuring 100% functionality for every device.

It’s better for the planet

Most of the pollution caused by smart devices occur during the manufacturing process. By purchasing a second-hand device, you extend the lifespan of a device and reduce the need to constantly manufacture new phones.

Without actively being an eco-warrior, you’ll be doing good for the planet, just by choosing to buy second-hand.


Getting a new phone the moment it hits the stores and peeling off layers of packaging is merely an intangible benefit you get when buying brand new tech. If you can look past these fleeting moments of joy, you’ll come to appreciate how much value you get from buying a quality second-hand device instead. Our 4.8 out of 5 star Google rating is testament to our thousands of happy customers. See what awesome tech you can snag by checking out our store today!