6 tips for better food photography with your phone _CompAsia Singapore

These days, no meal is complete if you do not begin with an obligatory shot of your food. As Hari Raya approaches and the feasting begins, there will be plenty of opportunities to practise your food photography. 

People take food pictures for a multitude of reasons; to capture a moment of indulgence, to showcase the mastery behind a dish, or to simply track what they’ve eaten. Whatever your reason may be, here are 6 food photography tips that will surely inspire some serious salivating among your IG followers.

Natural light

When it comes to food photography with your phone, natural lighting works best. If possible, opt to dine near a window or as close as possible to natural light. In indoor settings where natural light is not available, look for locations where there is softer, ambient lighting. 

Explore angles

The trend in food photography is to shoot from the top, or from a 45 degree angle. While you can take photos from this angle, don’t be afraid to explore other angles. Perhaps you could try making photos extra symmetrical with the help of gridlines or taking it from afar to include more empty space and an artistic feel.

Take lots of pics 

Most phones have the capacity to store thousands of photos which is why you should take as many photos until you find a few that you like. Taking lots of photos will also help you discover your taste as a photographer as you gradually define your own style.

Interact with your subject

Add some life to your food shots by interacting with the food. You can try twirling some spaghetti or pulling apart a cheesy slice of pizza; these simple interactions will almost tell a story about the meal, effortlessly making it more interesting and mouthwatering.


It only takes a few extra minutes to edit your photos and make them a lot more tantalising to the eye. You should also edit according to the type of food you’re photographing. A hearty bowl of chicken soup should have warmer tones, while a refreshing lime sorbet should introduce cooler tones. Click here to find out detailed adjustment techniques of photo editing using an iPhone.  

Pick a focal point

It could be a single prawn at the top of a pasta dish, or a juicy cherry on top of a sundae; having a focal point in your photo makes it a lot more interesting. Once you determine what the focal point of your photo is, tap on it on the viewfinder of your phone as you compose your photo.


Food is an easy-to-access photography subject that is great for helping you develop your photography style. With your phone in hand, there really is no reason for you to not try it. Looking for a better phone to help you take better food photos or photos in general? Check out the iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy S22 Ultra available at our shop at prices you’ll love!