Tech Spotlight: iPad Mini 6 (2021) in 2023 _CompAsia Singapore

There really is no perfectly sized screen. How ideal a screen size is, really depends on how much function it provides. Despite its size, the iPad Mini 6 is packed with function. With up-to-date specs and a premium new look, it offers capabilities akin to your iPhone, along with a few extra surprises. Read on to find out why the iPad Mini 6 deserves your attention in 2023.

Build and design

The iPad Mini 6 undoubtedly offers one of the most premium tablet designs to date. With a trimmed down bezel and angular edges, it is distinctive from its predecessor. The aluminium back is matte, which is great for those who can’t stand fingerprints. Despite this sturdier build, the iPad mini 6 does not feel heavier, and is in fact lighter than its previous generation. This makes it perfect for single handed operation and does not hurt (as much) when it falls on your face when you doze off in the middle of watching videos in bed. 


The iPad Mini 6 has very obvious pros and cons when it comes to its display. Let’s start with the pros. Thanks to its slimmer bezels, the screen-to-body ratio of the device has improved significantly. The Liquid Retina IPS LCD can get pretty bright with 500 nits although this may be insufficient for heavy media consumption. It is also unfortunate that the refresh rate for the iPad Mini 6 is an underwhelming 60Hz. This takes away some of its function as a media consumption device, although users can still appreciate it for its handy size. Children and the elderly will surely enjoy the device without paying too much attention to these display shortcomings.

Performance and battery

Packing a 5,124 mAh cell, the iPad Mini 6 has a usage time of about 10 hours in a single charge. If you’re using the device mainly for media consumption, this is more than sufficient. The device also supports fast charging, going from 0 to 35% in about 30 minutes.

Under the hood of the iPad mini 6 is one of the best available chipsets, the Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm) chip. Thanks to the A15 chip, the iPad Mini can multitask effortlessly. If it weren’t for the average screen refresh rate, the iPad Mini 6 would be a gaming beast. Even so, there is plenty you can do with this pocketable powerhouse. You can also expect the device to last a good 4-5 years, even if you buy it in 2023.


While no one pays much attention to tablet cameras, the front and rear cameras on the iPad Mini 6 will surprise you. Daytime shots with the iPad are admittedly good enough for the Gram. Because of its single rear lens setup, it does not offer as many features as you would find on an iPhone, but basic shots capture a surprising amount of detail.

The device supports up to 4K at 60fps, which is outstanding for a tablet. When it comes to the front camera, casual use for video calls are responsive and clear; you may even get used to taking calls with your iPad instead of your laptop

Final notes

With the introduction of iPadOS 16, the iPad Mini 6 becomes even more versatile. You now have improved parental controls, the ability to share photo albums across your Apple devices, set Focus modes and more. Despite its size, the iPad Mini 6 remains as one of the most powerful tablets in the market and will surely last beyond the next few years. It also sells like hot cakes on the store, being sold out almost immediately the moment it is listed. Be sure to check when it’s available in our store and grab it when you can.