6 reasons to buy an iPhone 12 in 2023 - CompAsia

Released in the final quarter of 2020, the iPhone 12 introduced angular edges, 5G connectivity and a crisper Super Retina XDR OLED display, shaking up new interest among Apple and on-the-fence Android users alike. Almost 3 years later, the angular design remains, making the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 indistinguishable from one another. Aside from outward appearances, are many more reasons to consider an iPhone 12 in 2023, here are 6 solid ones:

An amazing display

Before the iPhone 12 series OLED screens were only introduced to the Pro and Pro Max models. For the iPhone 12 base model, Apple decided to elevate the experience by including a Super Retina XDR OLED screen that supports Dolby Vision. It also introduces slimmer bezels with an 86% screen to body ratio, allowing you to fully enjoy every bit of the 6.1 inch screen size.

It’s built to last

Compared to the iPhone 14 base model that has the A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone 12 is only one generation away with the A14 Bionic chip. Scrolling through social media and even gaming feels silky smooth; couple that with 5G connectivity (that is rapidly rolling out across Malaysia) and we can confidently say that this could be your daily driver for many years to come.

As of now, the iPhone 12 can be updated to iOS 16, With the eligibility to receive updates for the next 4-5 years. This makes the iPhone 12 experience, hardly any different from an iPhone 13 or 14. 

On the outside, the iPhone 12’s screen is made with Ceramic Shield glass, which Apple claims is 4 times more resistant than those found in prior models.   

Hard-to-beat value

You can get a good-as-new, fully functioning iPhone 12 from just $579 at compasia.sg. This is about the same price as a brand new mid range phone. So you may be wondering if you should get a 3-year old flagship vs a brand new mid-ranger. The answer is a definitive YES! Apple flagships tend to hold value due to its long term usability. In fact, if you were to sell off your iPhone 11 to get the iPhone 12, you will only be making a very insignificant loss. 

The magnificent MagSafe

One of the most underrated features from the iPhone is the MagSafe. Introduced along with the iPhone 12 lineup, the MagSafe opens up a whole world of accessories. You can snap it onto MagSafe holders, chargers, power banks, wallets and more! Just think about it, with wireless MagSafe charging, you never have to worry about asking “erm do you have Apple cable?”. 

Processing power

The A14 Bionic chip, despite being 3 years old, is proving to be as capable as ever, running games like Mobile Legends, PUBG and Genshin Impact without any clear signs of lag even on maximum settings. Aside from gaming, users will also notice improvements on responsiveness on tasks like taking photos, launching apps and working across multiple devices like the Apple Watch.  

The only downside is the limited 4GB RAM, which becomes obvious when running multiple apps at once.   

A cam that can

In terms of casual everyday photography, the iPhone 12 performs superbly. When comparing photos taken by the iPhone 13 and 14, the difference is hardly noticeable. The same is true for the front facing 12 Megapixel cam. Thanks to Smart HDR 3, the camera adjusts itself to capture natural-looking scenarios across various lighting conditions. 

Flaws of the camera become clear in darker conditions and video-taking as the superiority of the 13 and 14 become more obvious in these situations. 

Final notes

Even in 2023, the iPhone 12 remains as an amazing flagship that speaks for itself through its seamless performance, timeless looks and unbeatable value. The only weaknesses we see are the low RAM and suboptimal battery life. Even so, the Pros that come with this device outweigh the cons rather substantially.

As a 3 year old phone, any expert will tell you to buy the iPhone 12 second-hand. Get yours from compasia.sg where you will find some of the highest quality second-hand phones at prices you’ll love!