5 key differences between CompAsia’s Extended Warranty and Replace Plus - CompAsia

At compasia.sg, we take pride in our after-sales customer care because when our customers are happy with their purchase, so are we. Every device we sell goes through a 32-step quality check to ensure 100% functionality and at least 80% battery health. But even with the most stringent checks, problems can still arise. If you’ve purchased your device from us, you need not worry as it does come with a warranty. 

Which brings us to the question: What does your warranty cover and what is the difference between our Extended Warranty and Replace Plus? If you’re curious to find out, read on!

How Extended Warranty and Replace Plus works

Extended warranty and Replace plus are value added services you can purchase along with any device you get from Shop.CompAsia. To summarise the two, Extended Warranty covers repairs costs, while Replace Plus gets you a replacement device.

What comes with your device

By default, every device purchased from compasia.sg comes with a free 3-month warranty. With this you get the same coverage that Extended Warranty offers. You can then opt to get 12 or 24 months of Extended Warranty or Replace Plus as an add on. 

What is covered

For extended warranty, you get free repairs on manufacturer defects. This does not include any form of damage.

If you tend to drop your phone a lot, we suggest you get Replace Plus as it does cover damage. As long as you have a physical device with you and the device information matches the registered information on our system, you can swap it for a replacement device of a similar make and model.

The full costs

Both Extended Warranty and Replace Plus have varying rates depending on the model of the device. For both of these, you pay an initial fee that is stated on the checkout when purchasing your device.

For Extended Warranty, there are no additional costs when requesting for repairs on your device throughout the coverage period.

For Replace Plus, you are required to pay a service fee when requesting to replace your device. You are allowed one replacement device once during a 12-month coverage tenure and twice during a 24-month coverage tenure.

The turnaround time

The average time for repairs to be done is 7 working days for Extended Warranty and for Replace Plus it’s 3 working days upon payment of the service fee. 


With how essential devices have become, not having a functioning smartphone can be a major inconvenience. Thankfully you can resolve this by getting device care that is economical and convenient. Be sure to select Extended Warranty or Replace Plus when finalising your purchases on compasia.sg