7 Things To Consider When Buying Phones For Parents - CompAsia

Getting a good phone for your parents can greatly enhance their lives. A good smartphone can help them stay in touch with loved ones, perform tasks like paying bills remotely, capture important memories and more. We looked through our collection of smartphones to identify the features that will be most beneficial to parents, here’s what we found.

Ease of use

While it can be said that the iPhones and iOS are easier to navigate, Androids have become much simpler over the last few years. That being said, Androids are worthy options to consider. But if your parents would rather stick to iPhones, consider getting one which still has the Home Button such as the iPhone 8 or SE series. This eliminates the complications that could arise in swipe navigation.

Size and display

A bigger display is important to ensure that your parents do not strain their eyes when looking through messages or watching videos. When setting up a new phone for your parents consider increasing the font size in the settings. Some devices also have accessibility options that simplify the operating system.

Battery life

No one likes having to constantly seek out power sources throughout the day. Carrying around a power bank can also be an added burden as it is not very pocketable. Get a phone that has a larger capacity battery to save your parents from this hassle. 


If your parents tend to drop their phones, consider getting them one that is durable. You could also invest in a high quality phone case that prevents damage. If you buy a phone from CompAsia, be sure to get Replace Plus as you have the option to get a replacement device should you damage the one you purchased, no questions asked.


Devices these days can cost up to $2,500 or more. These pricey phones often have features that can be appreciated by professionals but not the everyday user. This doesn’t mean that you should only get the bare minimum smartphone for your parents. A second-hand phone would be the perfect option as you can easily get an older generation flagship phone with top specs at an affordable price. 

Storage options

Having to move around files can be a complicated task for those who are not tech savvy. This is why the device itself should have sufficient storage. You could also get a smartphone that has expandable storage although those are not as common these days.

A good camera

Sometimes it’s easier to communicate by showing instead of explaining. Having a good camera will be able to help your parents visually express themselves or even just capture moments that are invaluable to them. 


Just like every gift, the thoughtfulness behind each gift is what matters. Here are some recommendations that are available on compasia.sg:

iPhone SE (2022)

With the iPhone SE (2022) you get the classic iPhone design with up-to-date specs. The home button allows for easy navigation along with the ever intuitive iOS.


iPhone 14 Plus

The 14 Plus features a bigger screen with specs that are not as top tier as the Pro Max series but performs just as well.


Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung’s FE series takes the most important features from flagship devices and trims out the unnecessary ones. This makes the FE series a semi flagship device that is affordably priced. Enjoy even lower prices and get a preowned one. 


Galaxy Z Flip 3 

Foldables are excellent for those who appreciate a compact and light device without wanting to sacrifice a big screen. With the Galaxy Z Flip 3 about to be released soon, you can expect even more savings on this device.