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Around this time, you should already be clearing out your annual leaves. You could be planning an overseas trip or perhaps even a nearby getaway that offers enough of a change of scene. Aside from your smartphone, here is a list of essential tech that will help you make the most of your vacation.

A smart tracker

Nothing can be more stressful than not knowing where your belongings are. From the moment you hand your luggage over upon check-in, to awaiting collection at the conveyor belt, there is always the possibility of things going wrong. To keep an eye on your luggage, you could get an AirTag (for iPhones) or SmartTag 2 (for Androids). There are also alternatives like Tile.

Apple AirTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2


Multi port charger and adapter

Because you’ll likely be bringing a lot of tech with you, and time is of the essence when it comes to travel, having a multiport charger can be a lifesaver. Having a multiport charger can also multiply the amount of charging outlets should those be limited at your residence.

Anker 525 Charging Station

Wireless earphones

While you may enjoy taking in the sounds of your travels, you’ll never know when pleasant gets disrupted by the pain of hearing a baby crying for hours. We recommend noise cancelling wireless earphones that can help you reclaim your peace. 

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

Sony WF-1000XM5


Holidays are not just about sightseeing and eating, you should take the time to unwind and catch up on some reading. Instead of lugging around a book that could be subject to wear and tear, an eReader grants you access to a library of books in the palm of your hands. 

BOOX Palma

Power bank 

Having a power bank handy guarantees you at least a full day of power for your devices. Access to power outlets may be limited depending on your destination, which is why keeping your phone powered up is important, especially in case of emergencies. 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack



While not exactly an essential, smartwatches can add a whole lot of function to your trips. Examples include: acting as a remote shutter for your phone camera, keeping you safe with emergency functions, a navigational tool, silent alarms to keep you on track and many more. 

Apple Watch SE

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 


Of course you could choose to go off the grid and shut off all electronics or you could get a “vacation phone” that only allows messages and calls from contacts who don’t stress you out. If you’re looking for awesome second-hand tech to include in your tech packing list, check out our store for big savings (and more  money for your holiday) now! 


Image credits: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Anker, BOOX