4 Apple devices. 4 months. $2016. 1 changed life. - CompAsia

In the middle of 2023, I spent $2016 on 4 Apple devices. All of them second-hand, all of them from compasia.sg. I didn’t care too much about the condition of the devices as I never really saw myself as a tech enthusiast. In 4 short months, I must say that my perception of tech has changed. Before this experiment, I had one iPhone 6, an iPad mini generation 4, an MSI gaming laptop and a lot of scepticism. 

I then decided to upgrade all my devices at once, getting a complete Apple ecosystem for as little money as possible. Here is the break down:

iPhone 12 = $449

MacBook Air M1 13” = $759

iPad Air 4 Wifi = $509

Apple Watch SE 2022 = $299

As this is my first time splurging on tech, I wanted to be sure that my ecosystem would last at least a good 2 years. Having a complete ecosystem, truly optimises the Apple experience, even though I do not have the latest and greatest, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed on how every device plays on one another. 

iPhone 12

I consider my phone the command centre of my devices. It’s not the most powerful but it’s the one I interact with the most. The iPhone works brilliantly with my Apple Watch. Did you know you can unlock your iPhone by having your watch in close proximity? You can also make payments and have your phone or watch unlock your MacBook or iPad. 

Another highlight is the Find My app which lets me know where all my devices are. I have also come to appreciate how my photos are synced across my devices with the iPhone 12 camera which works superbly.

Also, did you know when you make video calls, you can opt to use the camera on your iPhone instead. Your MacBook will automatically prompt you with the option of which you can choose your iPhone’s camera. 

MacBook Air


Being a former PC user, it took me a while to get used to a MacBook. Right off the bat, I can say the display is amazing. I also love how Apple has some uniformity across all its screens. The moment I flip open the lid of my laptop, there is a familiar click on my Apple Watch and I am logged in to my account. 

Photos that I’ve taken on my iPhone are seamlessly available on my MacBook. I love this as it really sparks my creativity. Usually I would just edit my photos directly on my phone, but with a bigger screen, I am more likely to explore my photo editing skills.

This may not have been mentioned a lot but I also find Google Maps working much more efficiently on my MacBook. Previously when I clicked on “my location” on Maps, the accuracy would be off quite significantly. This is not the case for my MacBook. I do find myself plotting my journey home with my MacBook quite often.

iPad Air

I would say that the iPad is the perfect companion for the iPhone and MacBook. It does not offer the capability of a MacBook, but it offers a much bigger screen that elevates the capabilities of an iPhone. While I prefer editing photos with my MacBook, I enjoy viewing them on my iPad. Instagram, YouTube and Netflix are all more enjoyable on the iPad. 

Additionally, having my iPad as a secondary screen means that I could use my iPhone to play “Survivor.IO” while catching up on Schitt’s Creek. 

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was a wild card that I initially felt was unnecessary. But because it was pretty affordable second-hand, I decided to add it to my cart. I must say that I am thoroughly convinced on how useful it is. Not only do I religiously move around to complete my activity rings, I love my Apple Watch for silently keeping me notified. I also wear earplugs when I sleep, (no thanks to my neighbours) so I REALLY love the vibrating alarm. 

It’s also great for when I am looking for my phone, especially in the mornings before work and I’m rushing to catch the bus.


I’ve always questioned the obsessive nature of Apple fanboys but now that I am fully enrolled into the Apple ecosystem, I do see the meaning behind this madness. For now I would say that I am mildly obsessed, having spent only $2,016 on an entire Apple ecosystem. Thoughts of “what if I get an iPhone 15 Pro?”, spring up ever so often.

If you want to experience a more complete Apple experience, you can do so affordably by getting high-quality second-hand tech from CompAsia.sg.