5 reasons to get a foldable device in 2024 - CompAsia

Foldable phones have come a long way since the very first commercially available one released in October 2018. The Royole FlexPai, while impressive on its debut at CES 2018 had a lot of reliability issues and despite being foldable, wasn’t very pocket friendly.

Samsung officially released the Galaxy Fold in February 2019 with its own share of negative feedback. Today, foldables are much more reliable and durable. Offerings are also varied such as passport type foldables and clamshell type foldables. If you’re considering a foldable phone, here are 5 great reasons:

Bigger bigs and smaller smalls

The Samsung Galaxy Fold5 opens up to an expansive 7.6 inch screen, giving you a massive canvas for multitasking, gaming, watching videos and more! On the flip side, the Galaxy Flip5 is a mere 3.3 x 2.8 inches when folded. This level or versatility makes it practical for those who want to do more but carry less. 

High quality creativity 

With the ability to prop up your phone and a window that reflects your captures, you never have to worry about subpar selfies. As the folding screen allows you to utilise your phone’s main cameras, shooting videos or taking selfies are a lot easier as you don’t need to occupy as much space with a tripod or selfie stick.

A better folding experience

Early foldables might have raised eyebrows when it comes to durability. But the technology has come a long way! Hinges are much more robust, displays have been strengthened and creases have (mostly) been ironed out. It’s safe to say that you can now buy foldables without worrying about it snapping in half.

Zen when you want it to be

Surprisingly many foldable users have reported that operating their foldable phones while it is closed helps them to stay productive. This is because the window on flip phones offers summarised notifications that can be directly addressed. How many times have you replied to a message on Instagram only to end up doom scrolling for hours? If this is you, get a foldable.

Do more

Foldable phones offer massive real estate when opened up becoming actual tablets that could still fit in your pocket. Furthermore, larger phones can now keep multiple windows on at the same time. This means that you could be catching up on your favourite dramas, while grinding away on your RPG mobile game and more.


Foldable phones might not be for everyone, but they offer a compelling alternative to traditional smartphones. If versatility and productivity matters to you, you might want to consider getting a foldable. Remember to do your research, compare models and consider models within your budget before making the leap. Looking to save extra bucks, then get one from CompAsia.