5 tips for taking better selfies when by yourself - CompAsia

You’re at an absolutely stunning location and the weather is bright and lovely. Unfortunately, your photographer/boyfriend or girlfriend is not around. How many times have you come across such scenarios, feeling like you’ve missed an awesome Insta-worthy moment? 

If you want to know how you can take awesome selfies independently, here are some tips to elevate your solo shots. 

Get a remote shutter

These days remote shutters come in all forms, it could be a smartwatch, a bluetooth remote shutter or even a stylus. Some phones also have a palm shutter which begins a countdown when you put up an open palm. 

When deciding what kind of shutter works best for you, get one that is discreet so that it does not end up in the picture. 

Get something to hold your phone

I know what you’re thinking… It's insanely humiliating and narcissistic to be lugging around a huge tripod for selfies. Thankfully tripods have evolved and there are more discreet options available. 

Here are some of our favourites:

Rhinoshield AquaStand 

The AquaStand is probably one of the most versatile and discreet options available. The MagSafe recess on the lid is adjustable, allowing you to explore your angles. This bottle however, comes with a hefty price tag.

ONYX bottle

The ONYX bottle is more universal with a strong magnet that works with any flat piece of metal you can stick on the back of your phone. The ONYX bottle however, does not allow angle adjustments. Price-wise, it is much more affordable. 

Pocket tripod by Geometrical 

The most discreet recommendation is the Pocket Tripod by Geometrical. This credit card sized tripod is easy to set up, allowing you to take great solo shots when inspiration strikes.

Taking multiple shots

Some may say that an awesome shot is sometimes by chance. Naturally this means more shots = more possibilities. 

Did you know you can set your phone to take multiple shots along with a timer? This allows you to pick and choose the best shots without having to run back and forth between shots. The multiple timed shots setting is available on iPhones, Galaxy phones and some Androids. 

Practice your angles

Looking good in photos requires practice. Are you the smiling sort or better at looking serious and mysterious? You’ll never know until you practice. Explore your facial expressions and find what works best for you.


No… Editing is not cheating! These days phones come with editing features that allow you to make tweaks on the background, skin texture and more. As long long as it isn’t excessive, you shouldn’t feel ashamed about editing your photos. To be fair, even top models edit their photos, so as long as you do not go overboard on retouching your looks, just do it!


Who needs an Instagram BF/GF now that you have these solo photography tips! If you’re looking for a phone that is great for selfies, we recommend the: iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S22 series. You could also consider a foldable like the Galaxy ZFlip 4, all of which are available at compasia.sg!