4 questions to ask yourself before getting the iPhone 15 - CompAsia

Now that the latest iPhone 15 series is out, your SGDs are probably tingling to be spent. With a sexy new titanium body on the Pro models and the handy-dandy Dynamic Island, it’s likely that your heart is at war with your mind (or wallet). If you want a neutral point-of-view, read on to find out if you really should upgrade to the latest iPhone 15.

Team Android or Apple?

Despite the widely claimed ‘insignificant’ changes, there are more iPhone users than ever. This means that there are Android users who have switched over to iPhone versus iPhone users who have switched to Android. This is because switching to Android from an iPhone is a nightmare thanks to Tim Cook and his devilish developers. 

Even so, Android users should be aware of the additional steps required when switching to an iPhone. Things like Google accounts, having to sign up for an iCloud and the possibility of losing your mobile game progress for some games are all very real factors to consider.

Then you also need to consider your ecosystem. Are you a PC user? Are you using an Apple watch or Google OS watch? What kind of tablet are you using? You can argue that your Android tablet can work just fine with your iPhone, but the developers at Apple Inc. are trained in triggering the innate OCD in the likes of you and me.

Is my iPhone enough?

If you’re already using an iPhone then you can pretty much ignore the first question because it will take a miracle and a half for you to switch to Android. Instead you need to figure out if your current iPhone is sufficient.

The iPhone 15 comes with a set of new features that only make a significant difference if you are still using something like an iPhone 8, but if you’re only using your phone to make calls and reply messages, there really is no need to upgrade.

As a user, do you find your iPhone:

  • being too sluggish for everyday tasks? 
  • takes pictures that do not get likes?
  • heats up the moment you run an app?
  • runs low on battery too often?
  • causes people to judge you?

If so, then you really should consider an upgrade. But the questions do not end there. The next thing you need to ask is:

What iPhone should I upgrade to?

iPhones are built to last with many of the new features being nice-to-have and not a major hindrance without them. Apple also offers up to 5 years of updates for iPhones upon its release date allowing for lasting viability when compared to most Android devices. This means that the iPhone 11 you’re using still has a lot of usability left. But let’s say you’re using an iPhone 6, this doesn’t mean that you should catapult yourself to an iPhone 15 Pro Max. Your usage patterns may be more suited for an iPhone 12 or even the 2022 iPhone SE. Not only will this save you hundreds of dollars, you’ll be able to appreciate the familiarity that comes with the SE’s more traditional design. 

Even if you have an iPhone 11,12 or 13, upgrading to an iPhone 15 is also rather unnecessary. iPhone 12 onwards includes 5G capabilities, the 14 series introduces the more affordable but larger Plus variant. The 15 series has the Dynamic Island across all variants with the titanium body and Action Button available on the Pro models.

If you’re looking to make a more economically sound decision, we suggest hopping two to three generations ahead when upgrading your iPhone. Like if you’re using the 12, consider getting the 14 or 15. But even with the gauge, the variant also needs to be taken into consideration. Our advice? Don’t bother upgrading if you’re using the base model. Even with a better chip, Apple STILL offers a disappointing 60Hz refresh rate on its base model (Yes this is the flagship iPhone 15 we’re talking about). So if you’re going to upgrade, get the Pro or Pro Max.

Which iPhone 15 is for me?

Now that you have stubbornly made it here, allow us to elaborate on the earlier point on getting the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. 

Do not be mistaken, the iPhone 15 is a great phone. There is a lot you can appreciate from the simplicity and intuition that iPhones offer. If you try and assess the thinking behind Apple’s line of flagship phones, you can almost say that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus is meant for everyday users who want the prestige of an Apple product.

This everyday user is 

  • Not a gamer
  • Not a photographer or videographer
  • Watching videos on TV and not on the iPhone
  • Charging their phone before bed

Then we look at the 15 Pro and Pro Max user who:

  • Carefully edits and curates captured images
  • Spends hours watching videos
  • Games heavily with their phone
  • Dreams of becoming, or is already an influencer 
  • Actively engages in creation 
  • Happen to have a lot of money

With this in mind, you can see how the iPhones are designed to align its features with its users. But even so, being a flagship line-up, even the base model will exceed the average smartphone in a number of parameters.  


Whether you love or hate Apple, no one can deny the quality of the products and experience that they put out. The billions that they rake in each year are a testament to brilliant design and innovation that resonate with users around the world.

With that in mind, you never have to worry about the iPhone 15 not selling well, focus instead on your needs as a user. If a more economical solution is what you need, you can always find more affordable older generation iPhones at Compasia.sg. Find the iPhone (or Android) that is just right for you and see what deals are available now!