Tech Spotlight: 5 differences between the Apple Watch SE (2022) and SE (2020) - CompAsia

The Apple ecosystem can seem like a merciless cash grab as various Apple products continue to escalate in price. For those who still want a complete Apple experience without the exorbitant costs, there is the SE range. SE or Special Edition Apple products tend to focus on the core essence of the Apple product, offering a satisfactory Apple experience at prices that are more affordable.

In this edition of tech spotlight, we will look at two Apple SE watches, one released in 2020 and the other in 2022. Surprisingly, the specs are not that far apart despite a release date that is 2 years apart. If you’re thinking of adding a wearable to your Apple ecosystem without paying big bucks, here’s what you need to know.

Better location accuracy

The 2022 SE offers better location accuracy for those who want a more precise log of their outdoor trekking. This is because the SE 2022 includes Galileo and GZSS on top of GPS and GLONASS that are available on both devices.


Better batteries

Both watches actually have the same 296mAh Li-Ion battery. The only difference is that the Watch SE 2022 has a low power mode which optimises battery life, giving the device a few more hours. Additional battery life can also be attributed to the more energy efficient S8 processor on the SE 2022.

Processing power

As expected, the Apple S8 processor that is also used in the Apple Watch 8 outperforms the S5 quite significantly. In a side-by-side comparison, there is a distinctive 0.5-1 second lag difference when launching certain apps. A more recent processor also means that the 2022 SE will have better longevity when compared to the S5 processor in the 2020 SE.

Safety features

While both watches have the ability to send out emergency notifications should the wearer suffer a fall, only the 2022 version is able to detect crashes. This feature is especially important if you are purchasing this device for a loved one, allowing you to keep tabs on their safety from any location.


As Apple’s budget series, both of these devices are reasonably priced and even more so when purchased at Currently the price of the Apple Watch SE 2020 starts at $199, while the 2022 model starts at $279. With a price difference of under $100, getting the 2022 model may be the more appealing buy.


The Apple watch SE series is an excellent buy, be it for personal use or as a gift for a loved one. Not only are you able to care for a loved one remotely, there are many health and productivity features that enrich the Apple experience. Not an Apple user? We also carry Samsung Galaxy watches and more!