4 AI tools that mimic Samsung Galaxy AI - CompAsia

Samsung recently announced a whole lot of AI features embedded into its Galaxy S24 series. Along with these exciting innovations are hefty price tags that would make anyone think twice about upgrading their phones. Fortunately for you, you have stumbled upon this article. Listed here are apps that give you a good sampling of what Galaxy AI has to offer. It may not be as seamless or complete, but at least you do not have to invest in a brand new phone.

AI embedded keyboard

The S24 is able to give you suggestions or make translations directly from your keyboard. To enjoy the same on your phone, you could try:

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard

With SwiftKey you can conveniently translate whatever you type into your language of choice. Across the letters is a toolbar which includes a “Translate” icon. There is also an “Editor” icon which allows you to choose the tone of what you intend to send. This feature however does not seem to work on all phones as we’ve tested.

Interpreter tool

While Samsung’s interpreter tool provides 13 languages as of early 2024, Google Translate that may already be idling in your phone offers access to over 100 languages. Our tests also found that the translations were more accurate with the Google Translate app. Tap on “Conversation” to activate the interpreter mode.

Circle to Search

Circle to Search is extremely handy, allowing you to quickly access information by long-pressing the home button on your S24. This feature however is kinda available via Google Lens. Instead of circling your main action is to snap or screengrab then closing in on the specific item you want to search. Google Lens is also especially helpful when you want quick translations at a glance. Even though Circle to Search and Google Lens offer similar functionality, how you use these tools may be different, with each having advantages and disadvantages.

Summarise and organise

Samsung showcased how its notes app can neatly organise notes and summarise key points. This AI function is also available with the popular Notion app. Notion now includes AI capabilities. By tapping on the triple star icon, you can choose to summarise, translate, get an explanation, change the length of the writing or more. 

With such handy AI tools, dropping clipboarded texts in Notion might actually become a thing. At least until the next AI innovation becomes accessible to everyone.


It really seems like the dawn of a new generation of smartphone innovation. Phones that do not have AI embedded into its core system could catch up by getting AI embedded apps. This means that even older phones could offer AI capabilities as long as its processors can handle it.

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