5 Reasons to get an older Samsung Galaxy phone in 2024 - CompAsia

With the internet ablaze with news about the S24 series and its AI capabilities, the temptation to pre-order the device is great. But before you decide to part ways with a large chunk of your savings, you might want to go through these considerations before clicking on that “Buy Now” button.


AI for all_CAS

AI for all

The AI features that you saw on the exciting unpacked event will eventually be available on older Samsung Galaxy devices when they receive their One UI 6.1 update. This means that you do not have to splurge on the S24 series to enjoy the impressive AI features.


Massive savings_CAS

Massive savings

By choosing an older generation Galaxy phone, you automatically save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. For example you could get a Galaxy S22 for as low as $469 at compasia.sg, the price of the brand new Galaxy S24 starts at $1,299. With differences that are negligible, and $830 in savings, is the idea of unboxing a new S24 still as appealing?


Accessoroes galore_CAS

Accessories galore

With older models come price cuts on mobile accessories. When it comes to flagship models, you can also expect a lot of variety. The cost of accessories are often overlooked when buying a new phone as merchants are aware of the willingness of customers to splurge on protection on their brand new tech baby.


light, camera, action_CAS

Lights, camera, action! 

If you’re getting the S24 basic or S24 plus, you will find that these are the same cameras found in the S22 and S23 series. And as these phones will also see an AI update in the near future, photos shot across these devices will not differ significantly. Only the Ultras see significant changes from generation to generation but even so, this only matters if you’re really into phone photography.


Power Play_CAS

Power play

If you’re all about processing power, the S series guarantees reliable performance all the way back to the S21 series. Flagship processors are often designed with longevity in mind, meaning that you will be able to run all sorts of games smoothly and reliably. You can even expect older flagship models to outperform brand new mid-range phones effortlessly.


The allure of shiny new devices will always be there as you drive by massive billboards, watch sexy unboxing videos and listen to friends and colleagues rave about new features. As impressive as brand new innovations are, you should always go for a phone that fits your budget and more importantly fulfils your needs. 

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