5 reasons why buying from CompAsia is the sustainable way to go - CompAsia

Most of us have the best intentions for the planet we live in. But practising sustainable habits can sometimes be complicated and too much of a hassle to the point where it gets neglected. Fortunately, you can make a difference by changing the way you buy technology. Here are 5 reasons why buying a second-hand device is the sustainable way to go:

You reduce ewaste 

Technology that is no longer in use and irresponsibly disposed of, often ends up in landfills. But unlike organic trash, electronics often contain harmful elements that seep into the ground and are likely to end up in our oceans. This makes it harmful to living creatures and ultimately ourselves. Disposing electronics is also a waste of materials that could be reused.

You avoid the need for manufacturing

A large part of a smartphone’s carbon emission occurs during the manufacturing process. Manufacturing a single smartphone emits approximately 60 to 80 kilograms of carbon. On top of that approximately 240 gallons of water is used, along with the energy equivalent of 350 to 500 pounds of coal! By buying a second-hand device you automatically dodge the need for all this waste.

No need for packaging 

On top of the direct waste from your electronics, packaging is another factor that adds to waste. While manufacturers like Apple and Samsung are taking steps to minimise packaging and use renewable materials, some brands rely on impressive packaging to entice buyers. Just look at how much material is used in gaming phone packaging. At CompAsia, we do not require a box upon trade-in, while also providing fully recyclable packaging when you buy from us.

Contributing to social change 

Adding to your reservoir of good karma, smart devices that come to us are sometimes donated to needy communities. Smart devices that are deemed too outdated for fast paced consumers are often more than sufficient for communities that need technology for education and enterprise. 

CompAsia is partnered with unconnected.org to provide needy communities with smart devices; so you know that on top of the cash you get from selling your devices to us, you’re also generating good karma. 

It’s financially sustainable

Sustainability isn’t always just about the environment, also consider the sustainability of your finances. With the ever escalating cost of technology, buying second-hand allows you to save a significant amount of money when compared to buying a brand new device. With manufacturers recently extending the years of software updates, you can also expect phones to last longer. This means that buying a second-hand Samsung phone for example, can give you a healthy 6 years of usage despite being a year old.


When it comes to sustainable tech, the easiest way to make a difference is by changing the way we purchase it. Perhaps purchasing second-hand devices is not something you are used to, or you’ve had a bad experience when purchasing second-hand tech before. CompAsia is here to change that by providing next-level customer care and quality checks. If you’re looking to save the planet while saving money along the way, check out the awesome devices we have in our store.