Gadgets that will help you crush your 2023 goals _CompAsia Singapore

Aside from the usual: weight loss, getting up early and making more money goals, new year resolutions differ from person to person. Factors like your circumstances, career and experience, all play a role in how likely we are in achieving our goals.

In this article, we will look at the tech factor. What smart devices can help tilt your scale towards accomplishing your 2023 aspirations? Read on to find out.

Be more productive

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Since the introduction of Samsung’s Note series, executives and people who generally wear suits have been lugging around this hefty device. The heft however, accounts for a wide range of functions that have yet to be duplicated by any iPhone. With the introduction of the Ultras you can expect the same, if not, better capabilities found on the Note Series. 

Crowned as the best phone of 2022 by multiple tech publications, it is a safe bet in terms of performance, camera, responsiveness and durability. 


Declutter your life

iPhone 12 Mini

If you want a phone that has lasting power while remaining minimally invasive to your life, consider an iPhone Mini 12. Fitted with an A14 bionic chip it is set to last at least 3 more years. And of course you won’t find a more minimalist operating system than the iOS. 

Having an iPhone also allows you to opt out of distracting apps like YouTube or Facebook, which tend to be preinstalled in some Androids.  

Improve your health 

Any Apple Watch

Ever since the recent pandemic, there has been a growing interest in wearables. From a simple act of completing activity rings, it has become an obsession for some. Even as the COVID19 dust settles, many smartwatch wearers continue to push themselves further with the constant reminder on their wrist to be more active.

Aside from staying active, smartwatches also improve sleep quality by suggesting ways to improve your sleep with the available data it collects. Even without sleep tracking, it works as an excellent vibrating alarm if you no longer respond to ringing noises.

Be more mindful

AirPods Pro or Galaxy Buds Pro

The best way to improve your mindfulness is to meditate, and while it is okay to meditate while there is some noise in the background, it is best done in silence. For beginners, there are a number of apps like Headspace and Calm to guide you through the basics of meditation.

Having a good set of noise cancelling earphones will greatly ease you into the habit of meditation.

Appreciate arts and culture

iPad or Galaxy Tab

Have you ever noticed how content consumption can seem less appealing on smaller screens? It’s easy to miss out on details when you are staring at a measly 6 inch screen, so why not invest in a tablet? 

Not only will you gain a new appreciation for high definition videos, you will also find activities like reading more pleasurable. Subscribe to apps like Scribd for access to magazines and books that will help you meet your reading goals.


Capture more moments 

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Memories are fleeting, that is why capturing photos is a healthy activity to remind us of our past experiences. The more wonderful moments stored in our gallery, the more gratitude we feel. While any phone can achieve this, iPhone’s Pro Max series will help you capture pictures and videos that are crystal clear. The iPhone's camera is also one of the most responsive and easiest to use across most phone brands.


Spend less

Ever since the reopening of retail, every one of us has had at least one moment of over-splurging at the malls. Thankfully you can count on your phone to help you track and manage your spending. Apps like Money Manager and 52 Weeks are great apps that will help you achieve your budgeting goals.


With all this in mind you can also save a lot of money by getting a second-hand phone. Buying a phone is considered a long term purchase, so obviously you would want a quality buy that will last you a long time. So consider this, with the same amount of money it takes to buy a brand-new mid-range phone, you can buy a second-hand flagship phone. Till this day, models like the iPhone XR and Galaxy Note 20 continue to be top sellers thanks to the frequent OS updates and powerful processors that were made to last.

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