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7 next-level kiasu money saving tips for 2023

As Singaporeans, saving money is in our blood. So instead of basic money saving tips, we’ve come up with a list of extra kiasu money saving tips. These tips are also great for you if your 2023 resolutions include “save more money”. So before you perform your next paywave, go through this list.

Download a money tracking app

Now there are hundreds of money saving apps in the market and having more than one just doesn’t make sense. In order to save you some time and effort (and of course money), two of our most favoured apps are: Money Manager by Realbyte and 52 Weeks Money Challenge by Mobilis

money manager

Money Manager Expense & Budget by Realbyte features one of the cleanest user interfaces we’ve seen. You can track your income and expenses by day, week or month. If you’re a Malaysian working in Singapore, you can even set a secondary currency, allowing you to track both MYR and SGD interchangeably. 

52 weeks save money

We also love 52 Weeks Money Challenge by Mobilis simply because of the way it frames money saving. You start by answering a few questions that will help you set a clear goal. You will then be notified to save money at the same time each week or month. A simple percentage bar shows your progress, keeping you motivated to save.

Commute smarter

city mapper

It’s no surprise that public transport is a better alternative to owning a car or taking a cab. To help you avoid “aiya just take cab la!” moments, we recommend the Citymapper app. So far, it is one of the most reliable commuting apps, providing live information, fare estimates and travel times. 

Meal prep


Preparing your own meals is a great way to stay healthy and save money. But wanting to do so is much trickier in practice. One awesome skill to have is the ability to turn whatever you have in your pantry into something edible for that, we recommend the Yummly app. Not only does it include a massive library of recipes, you can even find video guides, cooking tools and pantry organisation, to help you avoid those constant trips to the nearest Sheng Siong because you are short on eggs. 

Go sale surfing 


Shopping is our national sport, so take it from a pro athlete, bookmark these websites: sg.everydayonsales.com and singpromos.com

These sites are two of the most popular Singapore sale sites that keep you up to date on ongoing promos, sales, clearances and more. Why waste time on social media when you can browse for sexy ongoing sales?!

Get ShopBack


Shopping as we know it has evolved. For those who prefer to buy online you can always scrape for additional savings with the ShopBack app. With thousands of partnerships and even more cashback deals, if you don’t already have this app, then you siao one…

Timestamp your significant purchases

There are some purchases you don’t have to make more than once a year. Things like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or more. For example, if you buy an iPhone 13 and then not even 5 months later, they announce the iPhone 14. Then you beh tahan, just buy only. If you timestamp the day you bought your phone you will know exactly how long you’ve owned that phone for. Aim to keep your phone for at least a year. 

Buy second hand

The second-hand market is a treasure trove of savings if you know where to look. Obviously there are some things that make sense second-hand and some that don’t. One that makes a lot of sense is the tech market. Especially if you buy your devices from CompAsia. Not only will none of your judgy friends notice that it’s second-hand, you will also save up to 50% when compared to buying a brand new device. 


With smartphones being pretty much attached to our bodies, it’s easy to see how it can easily affect our habits. Thankfully you don’t need the latest phone to get the mentioned apps. And with such big savings you can probably afford a better phone! Why settle for a mid range phone when you can get a second-hand flagship phone for about the same price?

Upgrade to an awesome second-hand phone to kickstart your new year goals today!