6 gaming phones you can get from CompAsia - 2023 edition - CompAsia

Go back to the early 2000s and you may recall a mobile game called “Snake”. Due to the lack of choices “Snake” was massively successful, highly pixelated and minimally demanding of your phone’s processing power. Fast forward to today and you’ll find console-like gaming on your phone. 

Recently Apple released the Bionic A17 Pro which boasts gaming capabilities that would put your PlayStation to shame. With Apple’s interest in mobile gaming, other smartphone brands will be looking into dominating this space. 

Today we look at gaming phones that you can get from CompAsia.sg. Though these may not be the newest models, they offer specs that provide excellent gaming experiences. 

High end $700 and above

1. Apple iPhone 14 Pro

While you can get an iPhone 14, we recommend the 14 Pro or Pro Max as it has a 120 Hz refresh rate which is more suited for fast paced graphics. The A16 Bionic chip is also one of the best processors available today. 

The battery of the iPhone 14 Pro is also highly capable, providing you with many hours of gaming.


2. ROG Phone 6

This list would not be complete if we didn’t include a phone from Asus’ ROG series. It houses the very powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 12 GBs of RAM, along with a 144 Hz, AMOLED display. The ROG Phone 6 also looks the part with a flashy design that screams “I’M A GAMER!”.  

Mid-range $500-$699

1. Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 may not be a gaming phone, but it is a Google flagship phone. This gives you access to the latest Android updates. Being a Google phone also gives you a stock Android experience with no possibility of bloatware. All of this allows you to game reliably.


2. Samsung Galaxy S22+ 

At the price range you can afford a Galaxy S22+, a recent flagship that houses the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. As a Samsung phone, you can expect the AMOLED X2 display to offer a brilliant and responsive viewing experience. The plus is also one of the more enduring phones in the line-up, lasting up to an hour longer than the S22 and S22 Ultra. 

Budget $499 and below

1. Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Xiaomi 12 Pro may be about 2 years old by now, but it is still highly capable with top-of-the line specs that beats out many mid-range devices of today. It has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, along with an LTPO AMOLED screen that is Dolby vision ready. This makes it an excellent budget device with every flagship feature you could want. 


2. iPhone SE (2022)

While this may be considered a budget iPhone, it is highly capable. With an A15 bionic chip, the iPhone SE (2022) is as powerful as an iPhone 13 but at a fraction of the price. There are downsides however, like a smaller screen and mediocre 60Hz refresh rate, but if you’re not ready to switch to an Android, this is definitely a budget choice to go for.


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