5 reasons to ditch your phone case - CompAsia

Every year, phone manufacturers spend hundreds of hours designing what they believe would appeal to technological enthusiasts. Every button, camera bump, speaker, angular or rounded edge is meticulously planned, only to be covered up by a phone case that is mass produced in a plastics factory somewhere. If you have always contemplated this thought, here are some supporting points to go case-less with your device.

Au naturel 

Without a case, you can experience your phone as intended by the manufacturer. This also helps to reduce the bulk of your phone, allowing it to fit effortlessly into your pocket. You also get to feel the materials that make up your phone to the fullest.

It’s simply cooler

Quite literally, a phone without a case is able to perform cooler. This is because cases tend to trap heat, affecting your phone’s battery life and performance. Mobile gamers should be able to tell you about how hot their devices become with the long hours spent on games like Genshin Impact and PUBG.

Wonderfully wireless

If your phone offers features like wireless charging and NFC capabilities, you never have to worry about disruptions when using these features. This is especially handy when making payments with your phone, or simply attaching it to a MagSafe accessory.

A true sign of prestige 

A 2023 article in TIME magazine titled “Why rich people don’t use phone cases”, dubbed ditching the phone case a sign of “stealth wealth”. Even a luxury branded phone, doesn’t compare to the atas-ness of using an uncased iPhone 15 Pro. Instead of splurging on your next luxury buy, just ditch the case for instant sophistication. 

Leaner and cleaner

Handphones are famously known to be breeding grounds for bacteria. This is due to frequent contact with our phones. While you can easily clean it with an alcohol wipe, a phone case can cause dirt to be trapped. If you’ve ever uncased a device that has been cased for a while, you will notice the amount of dirt and grime that has accumulated. 


Using a phone without a case may not be for everyone but if these reasons resonate with you, then you could try it out and see how you feel about it. As manufacturers continue to claim the strength and durability of their devices, it only makes sense to put these claims to the test. If anything happens, you could always opt to get a replacement phone from CompAsia.