5 flagship phones you can buy from CompAsia for under $600 - CompAsia

Flagship phones often possess a put together of the latest and greatest from every phone manufacturer. Because these features are so advanced, flagship phones often outlast low and mid-range phones significantly. Faster processing, priority software updates, and timeless design are some of the features you can expect when getting a flagship device. 

Flagship phones, however, come at a premium. Thankfully, you can get these awesome second-hand flagship phones from CompAsia for much less. Though they may be a little dated, you can still expect to enjoy the amazing features of these phones for years to come.


Pixel 7 Pro - S$559

Often dubbed as one of the best cameras, the Pixel series combines AI technology with a premium camera setup to capture true-to-life imagery. Google’s Pixel phones also offer one of the cleanest Android experiences, providing early updates and Google’s apps presented as intended.

Huawei P50 Pro - S$579

Huawei caters to a unique brand of phone users: those who only use their phones for the essentials. While Huawei may still have some issues in accessing the Google Play Store, it offers outstanding performance and experience on everything else. If an amazing camera, lasting battery and snappy processor is enough for you to overlook Google apps like Gmail, or Maps, the Huawei P50 Pro is an excellent choice.

S22 Ultra - S$557

Samsung’s S Series undoubtedly offers one of the best Android experiences. An ecosystem that rivals Apple, a display that outshines most of the competition, innovations that continue to excite and inspire. If you plan to enter the world of Android, getting an S series Samsung is the way to go. Get an Ultra for an even more impressive viewing experience, along with the versatility of the S Pen.


iPhone 13 - S$569

While most phones are catching up in terms of user experience, Apple remains the trendsetter of the industry. Small decisions made by Apple can cause great waves in the technological world, with the iPhone and all its features being closely monitored by the world. If you’re looking for a safe buy, the iPhone 13 has everything you need and more, for a flagship experience that Android phones have been trying to outdo for years.

Oppo Reno8 Pro - S$569

Oppo’s Reno series is a confusing one. Sometimes it offers top-of-the-line features, but most of the time it falls behind when compared to Oppo’s true flagship, the Find series. Then again, the Reno series costs only a fraction of what you would pay for the Find series. Think of the Reno8 Pro as an entry-level flagship, with its AMOLED display, powerful processor and flagship-level camera.


If you interact with your phone often, it makes sense to get one that gives you an optimal experience. Experience the world of flagship devices for less, and trust us, you won’t regret it. See what other amazing devices are available at compasia.sg now!