5 Tips To Help You Get The Tech You Want From CompAsia - CompAsia

As one of Singapore’s biggest second-hand tech sellers, availability can sometimes be tricky. Not only is it a challenge for us at CompAsia to source for second-hand devices, the devices that make it into our estore has to meet very stringent quality checks. This makes our sellable pool of devices extremely limited. 

While this may not be a problem for popular devices such as iPhones, brands like Oppo, Xiaomi, ASUS sometimes face stock issues. This is also true for popular devices like iPads, Apple watches and MacBooks. 

As consumers become more receptive to second-hand tech, many of these hot selling devices tend to sell out within hours. If you’re sick and tired of seeing the device you want unavailable, here are some tips that will help you get the device you want and save more money in the process.

Bookmark CompAsia.sg

Our devices are updated DAILY! While we don’t expect you to be sitting by your computer and refreshing the page every 5 minutes, it’s good to pop by at least once a day to see if the device you want is available. Kinda like going on Instagram once a day with the difference being a big amount of savings on a device you’ve been wanting.

Wait till it’s available

New phone releases can be exciting and cause you to buy without much thought but if you have the patience, new models sometimes make an appearance in our store as quickly as 2 months after its release date. This means that you can get a phone that is as good as new, while saving big bucks.

Consider close variations 

As a second-hand store, you may not always find the exact version of the device you want. Variables like colour, storage capacity or condition may not be available. You could opt to wait it out or why not consider a close variation? For example, if the Galaxy S23 is not available, you could get the S23+ or S22. Most of the time, these minor variables can still give you a more than satisfactory experience. 

Speak to our accommodating customer service

There are occasions where a device is in our stock but yet to be updated on the site. In such scenarios, our customer service team would be more than happy to inform you on such things. You can also ask for an estimation of when a particular model will be available. Do note however, such information is subject to change.

Subscribe to our newsletter

While our newsletter may not feature the specific model that you want, it often features devices that have been restocked. These devices also often come with a promo attached to it, helping you save more. To subscribe to our newsletter, scroll to the bottom of the website and enter your email address.


With more people discovering how much they can save by getting a good-as-new second-hand device from CompAsia, availability can be as volatile as the number of right swipes you get on Tinder.

On our end, we are working with our reputable partners to source for quality devices, ensuring that customers like yourself have access to awesomely affordable tech. Ready to put these tips to the test? Check out what’s available in our store right now!